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 Recent stories about Carers Week and copies of previous news releases.


Government Minister interviewed by Carers Week – 11/06/2007

Carers Week invited Ivan Lewis, the Minister for Care Services, to answer some key questions about what the Government is doing for carers. This is what he had to say. MORE >>


Coleen Nolan signs up to Carers Week – 30/03/2007

Coleen says “My mum has Alzheimers and so I know just how hard it can be caring for a loved one. I have a wonderful family that helps me out greatly with the immense responsibilites that such a role involves. MORE >>


Coronation Street star launches young carers photo competition – 16/04/2007

Coronation Street star, Sally Lindsay has agreed to be a judge in the Young Carers photo competition, Zoom! Sally says “From personal experience I know what a huge burden it can be looking after someone close to you so I’m proud to be supporting Carers Week, and delighted to be one of the judges for Zoom!” MORE >>


Superdrug supports Carers Week – 30/04/2007

The health and beauty retailer, Superdrug, is supporting and celebrating Carers Week by providing over 110,000 10% off vouchers exclusively available from Carers Week. The vouchers will be available to all local Carers Week partners. MORE >>


Carers Week Parliamentary Champion – 02/01/2007

Barbara Keeley, MP for Worsley, is the Carers Week 2007 parliamentary champion. Barbara has already started work on encouraging her colleagues to take part in Carers Week, including a new initiative of encouraging MPs to shadow a carer for a day during Carers Week. MORE >>


– 11/06/2006

“A vicious circle of health problems” according to the UK’s largest ever survey of carers MORE >>



Carers Week 2007 theme announced – 27/01/07