What MPs say about carers

What MPs say about carers


Leading politicians are amongst the many MPs who have supported Carers Week 2007.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown said “Carers are a remarkable group in society; a lifeline for the millions of people who rely on their compassion and dedication. We, as government, need to do more to listen to and learn from carers about how we can better provide the support they need and the recognition they deserve.”

Conservative Leader, David Cameron, said “We all owe an immense debt to carers. The work that full-time carers or those with little extra help do is unbelievable. Some give up jobs and careers. Others balance work and caring – risking exhaustion, stress, even illness. They battle with bureaucracy. And they do it to ensure that someone they love stays at home rather than going to an institution. We don’t do enough to celebrate that work. I believe that helping carers is one of the best ways to help those they are caring for.”

Liberal Democrat Leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, said “I am delighted to support Carers Week. The contribution carers make to society is immeasurable and this week provides a valuable opportunity to recognise their important role and draw attention to their practical, financial and emotional needs.”

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